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We are delighted to announced that from 1st November 2015, Hawkins Professional Services Ltd of Basildon have merged with Foss Accounting Ltd of Horchurch to create Hawkins Foss LLP and HF Tax Limited. The new business will operate from the Basildon office. We are confident that the combined resources will be to the benefit of clients whilst maintaining our friendly and approachable reputation. The website and email addresses will be rebranded to the new firm over the coming weeks and months.

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Using the cloud we can interact with your business in ways that would have been impossible just a few years ago.


Using cloud software or hosted applications we can have real time access to the same data.This means we can tailor a service to meet your exact requirements.Whilst you may find it easy to post sales invoices the VAT return, bank reconciliation and calculation of profit may require trained and expensive skills you don't or would rather not employ!

Shown below is a screenshot of our online console.


Offline Accounts

Still a large number of businesses prefer a traditional accounting approach. We offer a postal/e-mail service to exchange data and documents. We can provide a complete accounts department at your disposal.


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